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Adventures in the Wrongthink Giveaway

A few years back, a group of authors calling themselves the Sad Puppies gathered together in regards to an issue they had identified within a specific corner of science fiction and fantasy. The allegation was that progressive authors associated with the prestigious Hugo Awards were… well, it appeared they were giving award based on certain political guidelines. Namely, that if you were conservative, libertarian, or even a liberal who held any strong criticisms of political correctness, feminism, communism and a slew of other ideologies, there was a clear message that you weren’t welcome in the science fiction and fantasy community.

The Sad Puppies spoke up and challenged this practice. And it appears, were proven right by the very people denying their claims.

Now the Sad Puppy/Hugo war has a lot of depth and nuance, and there are parts I agree with and disagree with on both sides of the argument. That said, I still find myself heavily in alignment with the Puppies, so I followed a lot of them and their supporters via Twitter and generally followed what was going on.

Yesterday, Robert Kroese, author of Starship Grifters, its sequel Aye, Robot and an assortment of other sci-fi romps announced the Wrongthink Giveaway. An ebook giveaway/contest where anyone who signs up is given seven free high quality science fiction novels by authors such as Robert Kroese, Sarah A. Hoyt, Michael Bunker, Brian Niemeier, Nick Cole, W.J. Lundy and Michael Z. Williamson, with a chance to be one of three winners to receive seven more books by the same authors, in all of their politically incorrect glory. All authors that have run afoul of a hyper-progressive corner of the industry for one reason or another. Go check out the giveaway and get your free ebooks before the giveaway comes to an end!

Wrongthink Giveaway
Please note: I am not affiliated with the Wrongthink Giveaway in any way, nor is this a sponsored post. I just thought it was a fun idea and wanted to share. 😉

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  • AlexC

    I read stories, happily, from people with a wide variety of political views, so I remember when I had to read an author’s stories to figure out whether they were fascist white supremacists like Vox. Nowadays,apparently they feel comfortable advertising it on their main page. Thanks for saving me from reading? And I guess you’re welcome for not having to deal with me again? I’m not here to pick a fight, I just thought I’d let you know. Perhaps I’ve just wasted both of our time, or even just mine.

    • EJ Spurrell

      I had no idea liberalism was now a form of fascist white supremacy. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

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