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Announcement: The Winds of Change

When you can’t change the direction of the wind – adjust your sails.

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

When I initially wrote Children of the Halo, I published it chapter-by-chapter on deviantArt to a great deal of attention. The feedback that I received informed the path I took to getting it published. I hired an artist to do up an attractive and bright cover. I spent months upon months revising, cleaning up the text, and I eventually chose to self-publish Children of the Halo through Amazon, Smashwords and the print-on-demand service, Lulu.

I did pretty well, considering it was my first attempt. A small community of readers soon became involved, and I noticed the slow spread via word-of-mouth in places like Norway, Germany, the UK, Sweden and several US States. I formed relationships with other serial authors.

And over time, I kept writing. I worked on projects that I’d had bottled up for years, in some cases, decades.

I’d achieved something rare among first-time authors. I had made more money than I’d spent. That fact alone placed me on the cusp of the “successful” end of the distribution of content creators.

Did I make much? Not really. Most of the money came in through donations, and Amazon trickled a royalty payment every few months that allowed me to buy an extra coffee on my way to work every few days. But it really didn’t have a profound effect on my life.

And with that, I’d made a mistake. I thought that I had to emulate the same methods of publishing future works in order to see any sort of return on the investment of my time and energy. Namely, posting it chapter-by-chapter via some sort of online publishing platform.

Over the years my interests changed. I still love to write, to tell stories, but the pressure of being set to a deadline, the difficulty of revising already-published material, and the general long-windedness of my work more often than not placed me into a position of insecurity with my methods. I constantly questioned: “Am I doing the right thing?”

And I’ve, of course, failed to keep up with posting chapters several times.

So after much deliberation, I’ve decided that I can no longer continue writing serial fiction. The dedication to time and effort from week-to-week is sometimes difficult to maintain, particularly on top of a full-time job. I’d considered extending my posting schedule to one new chapter every two weeks, but the reality is that while I will continue to write The Liar’s Law and Sol:Ruin, I no longer feel comfortable publishing them as serials, but would rather publish them in highly polished, completed forms.

So, as such, I am officially ending The Liar’s Law and Sol:Ruin as serials so I can better dedicate my time to a project that has been in various stages of development since last year, and will instead be focusing the blog on that.

With that said, I’d like to officially announce that I’ve adjusted my sails so that they catch the winds of change, and introduce everyone to the Ink & Artifacts Podcast, with your host… me!

From the shelves of comic book stores to the methods of expert marketers, narratives played an integral part of forming culture and perception throughout human history. Join independent author EJ Spurrell as he delves into the history, meaning, importance and applicability of storytelling throughout the ages.

The Ink & Artifacts Podcast will begin airing May 31, 2017 and will focus heavily on storytelling and the many forms it takes, digging deep into the psychology of the narrative and the roles that stories play in our day-to-day lives. We will feature guests from all walks of life, each with their own unique views on the power of narrative, storytelling, imagination and creation in various fields. Including, but not limited to: marketing, monetization, media, history, politics, business, academics, writing, music, comics, books, video games. The goal of Ink & Artifacts is to be both informative and entertaining.

So stay tuned for what’s coming.

In the meantime, the site will be going over a bit of an overhaul to make room for Ink & Artifacts and offer a slight change from what we’re used to, including the removal of Children of the Halo & other serials.

To the longtime readers, I apologise for the sudden shift in direction. With that in mind, I hope you chose to stick around because this is going to be so much cooler.

Oh, and until May 31st, you’ll be able to download the Children of the Halo eBook free from Smashwords using this coupon code: QL52U

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