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  • Broad Street Blues: Hidden Messages in the Landscape June 5, 2017

    The iconic Broad Street of Victoria, British Columbia is home to a number of eclectic designs and art pieces. Running between Victoria’s City Hall south to the Bay Centre, a discerning pedestrian can wander in awe over the strange designs laid in the streets, tile mosaics, artistic drainage covers and the Lekwungen Monument at the corner of Pandora and Broad.

    But few have realized there is something else on Broad Street. Something hinting at the darker past of downtown Victoria.

    Announcement: The Winds of Change May 9, 2017

    When you can’t change the direction of the wind – adjust your sails.

    H. Jackson Brown Jr.

    When I initially wrote Children of the Halo, I published it chapter-by-chapter on deviantArt to a great deal of attention. The feedback that I received informed the path I took to getting it published. I hired an artist to do up an attractive and bright cover. I spent months upon months revising, cleaning up the text, and I eventually chose to self-publish Children of the Halo through Amazon, Smashwords and the print-on-demand service, Lulu.

    I did pretty well, considering it was my first attempt. ...

  • Adventures in the Wrongthink Giveaway April 21, 2017

    A few years back, a group of authors calling themselves the Sad Puppies gathered together in regards to an issue they had identified within a specific corner of science fiction and fantasy. The allegation was that progressive authors associated with the prestigious Hugo Awards were… well, it appeared they were giving award based on certain political guidelines. Namely, that if you were conservative, libertarian, or even a liberal who held any strong criticisms of political correctness, feminism, communism and a slew of other ideologies, there was a clear message that you weren’t welcome in the ...

  • The Adventures of Based Stick Man and the Thunder-Thigh Three March 6, 2017

    The old man was already laying in agony on the ground by the time he got to the scene, his eyes swollen from the unexpected stream of chemical spray unleashed onto his face by a rogue protester only moments earlier.

    Based Stick Man could only look down at him. What monster could have done this? What beasts of creation had harmed this old man for the crime of declaring love for a leader? He scanned the crowd, looking out from his mask through sweat-drenched eyes.

  • When It’s Okay to Punch a White Nationalist January 29, 2017

    I’m no stranger to violence. This isn’t to suggest I’m in any way, shape or form, a violent person. Rather, I abhor it in all its forms, but as with anything, there is a boundary. Sometimes, that boundary gets crossed and you’re left with no choice but to engage in it. Never once have I ever engaged in it without reason. I’ve had aggressively drunk patrons calling me every slur they could think of, inches away from my face, to the point where I could taste the alcohol-flavored spittle erupt from their mouths as they screamed. Not once did I take ...