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Category: Children of the Halo

hbook01mIt’s been a thousand years since the Pact was forged with the blood of heroes, uniting the five tribes and pushing the shadows back into the darkness. Since that time, peace has reigned in former Eventide.

But now, dark shadows working behind the scenes for centuries have corrupted the once-pure High Magus Council, the overseers of the Pact and enforcers of its laws, twisting the justice it once stood for into a gross parody of greed and control.

But an ancient, secret prophecy speaks of a lost people. People ignorant to the ways of magick and steel, but masters of a new kind of magick. The magick of crafts and machines, of information and tecknowledge. It is said they will emerge from a halo of dark light and bring with them a city of wonders.

Life tends to slow to a crawl in Dunsmith, British Columbia. The small Vancouver Island town is nothing more than a crossroads. But when a strange event occurs and leaves the entire town stranded knee-deep in the Disputed Lands, they find they must band together as they face trials they were unprepared for. Invading armies, magick, elementals and even the local economy have to be taken into consideration.

But how well can a small town of eight thousand hold back the furies of the Pactlands?


Children of the Halo is the premiere novel by author EJ Spurrell. Clocking in at over 1000 pages and nearly 250,000 words, the epic novel has been generally well received by readers on Amazon, Smashwords and

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