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In 2124, the Planet Earth was annihilated in a freak event. Twelve billion lives perished in less than ten minutes.

But far above the surface of the Blue Planet lived millions, scattered across the solar system in colonies and stations, struggling to survive after suffering the loss of their home. It’s been six decades now, and the people of the Fringes of Sol are teetering on the edge of extinction, while the Inner System, run by the few surviving corporations grow fat and comfortable on the backs of the workers.

Walker Dane doesn’t mind. He and the crew of the Gambler’s Ruin care most about one thing: money. So when the opportunity to make a bitbuck smuggling cargo to Saturn’s orbit arises, he jumps at the chance. But the package comes with a heavy price as assassins and corporate security forces converge on his little ship. As Walker begins to understand the importance of the cargo and the profound effect it could have on the future of the human race, he finds himself torn between saving his skin and doing what’s necessary.

Sol Ruin is a post-apocalyptic space opera set sixty years after the annihilation of the Earth, after humanity had spread out and created self-sustaining habitats all throughout the solar system, but before they were able to cross the threshold into deep space. Mars has been colonized. Mining operations have begun throughout the asteroids, and space stations litter every planetary system from former Earth out to Jupiter.

Humanity is suffering a slow death…

…but there may be a sliver of hope.

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