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As a gift to my patrons, I have included a number of exclusive short stories normally reserved only for readers of Children of the Halo: Special Edition here on, as well as exclusive standalone stories not available in any print or ebook medium. As such, all links are password protected.

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For the Young

A Children of the Halo side-story

The Featherclaw have long remained a mystery to the people of the Disputed Lands. In For the Young, readers will catch a glimpse into the Featherclaw Nesting Grounds, a sacred location dedicated to the renewal of life amongst the Featherclaw. But it seems that even the noble beasts are subject to corruption and a loss of innocence.

Lord Bhuton's New Pet

A Children of the Halo side-story

Before he became known as Silvereye, he was Eine. Purchased from the black market, the young Featherclaw was born and raised under the house of a Halish Lord. Lord Bhuton's New Pet tells the tale of how Eine, and a young Keller Liass, worked together to uncover the secrets of Lord Rylain Bhuton.